Merit Calculation Rule

Admission Schedule from 1st Merit List

ADMISSION AGAINST 1st Merit List 12/6/19 (From 2 pm), 13/06/19 & 14/06/19 (till banking hours)
OFFLINE PAYMENT UPTO15/06/19 (till bankng hours)
Publication of 2nd Merit List17.06.2019 (11:00 am)
The no of seats available for admission, will be as per intake capacity. If any seat(s) remain vacant after 1st Merit List or consecutive list(s), they will be made available for admission in subsequent merit list.
Any candidate willing to cancel admission can do so during the publication of next Merit List.

Admission Schedule from 2nd Merit List

ADMISSION AGAINST 2nd Merit List 17/6/19 (From 1:00 pm), 18/06/19 & 19/06/19 (till banking hours)
OFFLINE PAYMENT UPTO20/06/19 (till bankng hours)
Publication of 3rd Merit List21.06.2019 (11:00 am)

Admission Schedule from 3rd Merit List

ADMISSION AGAINST 3rd Merit List 21/6/19 (From 1:00 pm), 22/06/19 & 23/06/19 (till banking hours)
OFFLINE PAYMENT UPTO24/06/19 (till bankng hours)
Publication of 4th Merit List25.06.2019 (11:00 am)

Admission Schedule from 4th Merit List

ADMISSION AGAINST 4th Merit List 25/6/19 (From 2:00 pm), 26/06/19 & 27/06/19 (till banking hours)
OFFLINE PAYMENT UPTO28/06/19 (till bankng hours)